7 things you should do after returning from holiday

Coming home after a holiday is never a good thing. You’ve got to return to normality after a while bathing in tropical sunshine and exploring the world’s treasures, and you’re not likely to be happy about it. Don’t worry – here are seven tips to ease you back into real life after that dreaded trip back home.

Get back to a normal sleep schedule

Jetlag is a very real problem both when you arrive at your destination and when you come home. The shift in time zones means your body needs to adjust its sleep routine to fit them, and when you come back home you might find that you’re either up too early in the morning or unable to sleep late at night.

Make sure you’re giving yourself time to adjust before getting back into the swing of things – you’ll want to catch up on sleep as well as returning to your normal routine. If it means going to bed earlier than usual, do it. It’ll be worth it in the long run.

Take time before returning to work

Don’t rush to get back to work once you’ve arrived home – not that you’ll want to, anyway. You’re going to feel tired once you get home, an inevitable problem after the stress and time taken to travel.

It’s likely you’re also not going to be in a positive frame of mind once you arrive back home, with the post-holiday blues kicking in. So, giving yourself that extra day or two to adjust and settle back into normality is definitely necessary for your mental health, as well as physically.

Tackle your to-do list

It’s likely the tasks are going to pile up on top of each other quickly once you arrive home. Priorities with work and home have likely been put aside on your travels, so you’ll want to sort them as soon as you’re back to prevent the stress of putting them off further.

Expect a higher workload once you’re back in the office as you’ve been gone for a while – this is inevitable, so don’t fret and instead go in with the determination to clear the backload.

Unpack immediately

A lot of people feel to just crash whenever they get home from a holiday – 1 in 10 Britons, in factDon’t be that person. The longer you leave your suitcase full and unpacked, the less you’re likely to want to tackle it. Motivate yourself to get it empty and stowed away as soon as you’re home – it’s one less thing to worry about in the future!

Your clothes are probably going to be dirty and in need of a good wash; especially if there weren’t any facilities where you were staying. Put on a load once you’re home so that they’re fresh and ready to go when you need them.  Her Packing List has published a handy guide to get your unpacking out of the way.


Make the following weekend a quiet one

Regardless of when you get home, make sure that you reserve the following weekend for some “me time”. You’ve probably found yourself busy and caught up in the days following your return, so having the weekend to unwind and catch up on some needed relaxation is crucial.

Try to stay home and chill out instead of finding things to do – they can easily wait a few more days. There’ll likely be nothing urgent enough for you to have to rush out, so take some time to put your priorities aside and relax.

Convert your unused currency

If you’re lucky (or clever) enough to have some money left over from your travels, don’t let it sit in a drawer until next time around – unless you’ve not got long until you jet off again, that is!

Have another look at exchange rates and see where you can get back an amount that’s as close to what you paid initially. Exchange rates do unfortunately fluctuate dramatically very quickly, so you’re going to want to have a look around and find the best deal for what you have left. Only bother if you’ve got a substantial amount, though – it’s obviously not worth exchanging a few cents for coppers.

Start planning the next trip

What better way to eliminate the blues than by booking your next getaway? CTI recommends planning another holiday once you return home as a great way to overcome the inevitable sadness of having to leave, so don’t hesitate!

Having another holiday in the future will keep you from becoming too forlorn and sad that you’re home – it really does take a toll on you. Keep reminding yourself of it to let excitement take over, instead of a longing to go back to where you just came from.


This post is in collaboration with Ellen Collins. Photos are my own.