7 Ways for Women to Stay Safe While Traveling

Guest post by Jeff (blogger, Cabulous.com )

Undoubtedly traveling alone is empowering and makes you confident but sometimes solo traveling can cause you a very big trouble. Therefore, everyone should take precautionary measures in order to safeguard themselves from all sorts of problems and troubles. When a woman is traveling alone then it is mandatory for her to take some extra precautionary measures in order to be safe throughout the journey. Nowadays it is seen that many women are traveling alone either for business purposes or to spend some quality time alone. Some of the safe traveling tips are as follows.

Give Details to your Family Member:

Before leaving home you should give proper details about your destination. At least one person in your family should know where you are going and where you are going to stay. This will help you and your family in case something goes wrong.

Safety Mechanism:

While traveling solo as a woman you should have every safety precaution. The safety mechanisms like cat key chains and pepper sprays should be present in your hand-carry. This will make you feel safe and protective because you know that if something goes wrong or someone tries to harass you then you can use these safety products to protect yourself.

Selfie Stick:

If you don’t want to hand over your phone or camera to someone else for capturing your pictures then you should carry selfie stick with you. It will benefit you in many ways. You will be able to take your pictures by yourself without handing over your camera or phone to a stranger. You can also use as a safety tool which will benefit you in self-defense.

Never Appear Alone:

Even if you are traveling alone you don’t have to tell anyone that you are traveling solo. When you tell strangers that you are traveling with a bunch of people they will think hundred times before harming or hurting you. And when you tell them that you are alone on your journey then they will harm you without any fear. Therefore, you should not identify anyone that you are traveling solo.

Carry Torch:

No matter where you are going you should have a torch in your handbag. Sometimes people got stuck in dark places and they don’t have a thing which can provide light to them. Therefore, you should have a torch or light bar and the best 44 LED Light Bars are perfect to provide you very bright light.

Keep Money at Different Places:

Most tourists get robbed and mugged. In order to be on the safe side, you should not keep all your money in one place. Keep some amount of your money in your handbag and keep some in your pockets. This will help you even if you get robbed.

Dress Normally:

If you will dress in an extraordinary and outstanding manner then everyone in the surroundings will stare you and some will even try to mug you. So it is better to dress like local people. This will prevent you from getting robbed as well as prevent you from unwanted attention.

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Jeff lives in New York with his wife and 2 kids. He is obsessed with LED light bars ever since they came out and over the last couple of years he has been testing and reviewing LED light bars. He regularly blogs at Cabulous.com