Where to find amazing travel themed wall decor and accessories


If anyone ever asked me what I’m looking forward to the most, out of all the things I have planned for the rest of this year, I would not hesitate one second before giving my honest answer.

The answer is crystal clear. Moving away from here, starting over somewhere else – and getting to decorate a brand new, bigger and better apartment!

I have butterflies in my stomach, I have thousands – no, millions – of thoughts running through my head and I am beyond excited.

Next month I am leaving Paris, the French capital city, and I will be moving to Toulouse – a gorgeous city in the southwest. Close to Bordeaux and plenty of idyllic towns famous for their wineries and a more relaxed lifestyle.

I will be stacking up on expensive wines and celebrate like crazy!

Paris has been great fun, but I’m ready for new adventures.

And boy am I ready for that new apartment!

As I am currently living in my boyfriend’s apartment, I don’t have the freedom to decorate exactly the way I want and I don’t even have half of the space I need for my many books and magazines.

You see, I collect travel novels, travel guides, old issues of magazines like National Geographic and Lonely Planet – and I have this idea that one day I’m gonna cut out all my favorite photos from those magazines and pin them to my future motivation board on my office wall. My future office, that is.

My boyfriend is an avid collector, as well. He collects shot glasses and beer mugs from souvenir shops around the world. I’m too clumsy to trust myself with a collection of anything that fragile, and I make sure to stay far, far away from his collection items so I don’t break anything. So far so good.

Besides collecting souvenirs, photos and travel magazines, my man and I have pretty much the same idea of how we want to decorate our future apartment.

And it’s gonna look fan-freakin-tastic!

When two wanderlusters come together, it’s bound to result in a home filled with, well, anything travel related. Photos of skylines and beaches, world maps and travel themed pillow cases.

I will finally have my own office, and it will be decorated entirely the way I always imagined it.

With that motivation board placed above my desk, with photos from travel articles pinned to it.

And with a large world map as well as different city maps decorating the walls. As well as an enormous bookshelf where all my books can collect dust until I finally decide to pick them up and actually read them all.

To celebrate the upcoming move, I have received a custom black and white Toulouse city map from Modern Map Art – and I couldn’t be more pleased with how nice it looks!

I bought my own black frame in a local shop and framed the poster to give it an even more elegant look, and it’s currently decorating my living room here in Paris, as a reminder of our future plans and how amazing it will all be.

I know the poster will look even cooler than it already does, once we’ve found a perfect place to put it, in our new home in Toulouse!

Modern Map Art offers the perfect gifts for those who love to decorate their homes (or businesses) with city maps – and those in search of a one of a kind piece of artwork.

All you need to do is select your style, size, find whatever city (or even village) it is you’d like as decorative map art, add text, and voila – you’re done!

Now isn’t that the perfect gift for an expatriate missing their hometown? A couple wanting to celebrate a new chapter of their lives in a new city? A friend who just opened a cafe or a Bed & Breakfast and needs something cute to put on their walls?

Or just.. a gift from you to yourself, because you deserve something nice?

The posters can be used without a frame, or with a frame – depending on what kind of look you’re after.

In case wall art isn’t quite up your alley but you still like the idea of maps as decoration, Modern Map Art also offers iPhone cases and throw pillows.

Have fun decorating – I’m sure I will!

The posters are printed in Los Angeles, CA, USA and offer worldwide shipping (free shipping within the US) and it takes about 3-5 days from the time you place your order until it gets shipped. During busier seasons it might take longer.