10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Hamburg, Germany

Back in November, my partner and I traveled to Hamburg to celebrate my parents’ wedding anniversary as well as my stepfather’s birthday. No, my parents don’t live in Germany. They live in Norway. We just figured it would be more fun to celebrate that way – by visiting a new destination together, all four of us.

We visited the kinky Christmas market as well as all the normal ones, got drunk for free (sponsored) in the middle of the day while tasting beer at Winter Beer Day and enjoyed the view over the city from the Elbphilharmonie while streaming live on Periscope. Live streaming is only recommended if you’re thick-skinned, as I’ve never been trolled this hard in my entire online life.

With the exception of internet trolls telling me to go eff myself, while live streaming and that one incident where one of my travel companions ripped their pants (they wanted to remain anonymous) and was left with a French opening for the rest of the day, everything went as smooth as butter. Hamburg was a lot more interesting than I’d expected it to be!


Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Hamburg

  1. Stroll along the streets of the iconic Warehouse District (Speicherstadt). This is the largest warehouse district in the world where the buildings stand on timber-pile foundations.
  2. Visit Krameramtsstuben – the historic buildings on Krayenkamp, in the Neustadt district. Take a few pictures of the charming buildings, buy yourself a little souvenir from one of the shops and most importantly, book a table at the Krameramtsstuben Restaurant.  The restaurant was recommended to me by other bloggers, and also by a friend of the family. Hands down, the best food I had in Hamburg! DSC_0995 (2).JPG
  3. Enjoy the spectacular view over the city from the Elbphilharmonie (the philharmonic). The fact that I got to watch the sunset while I was up there, was the icing on the cake! And if you like jazz, you’ll have another great reason to visit the Elbphilharmonie. Get tickets to the Elbjazz Festival (June 2nd-3rd)! DSC_0999 (3).JPG
  4. Party it up in the St. Pauli neighborhood and spice up your love life with little souvenirs from the many sexy stores on the infamous Reeperbahn (Red Light District). Check out the Reeperbahn Festival (music festival) in September and the kinky Christmas market in November/December!
  5. Visit the Planten un Blomen park and make sure to catch the spectacular water light show when the evening falls. I’ll have to return to Hamburg and see this myself – and maybe enjoy a nice little picnic while I’m in the park!
  6. Visit the Miniatur Wunderland – the largest model railway in the world and one of the most successful exhibitions in Northern Germany. This is good fun for the entire family!
  7. Visit the Sommerdom fun fair from July 28th to August 27th, and the Winterdom in November/December. Not much of a thrill ride person? No problem!  The fun fair works great as yet another excuse to just hang around and drink German beer (as if you needed an excuse to do that). DSC_0954 (2).JPG
  8. Are you part of the LGBT-community – or a friend and supporter? Wear something fun and celebrate diversity at Hamburg Pride (July 28th – August 06th).
  9. Visit the Hamburg port and have a meal or a drink at one of the many bars and restaurants in the area. Interested in the history of the port? Visit the Hafenmuseum!DSC_0932 (2).JPG
  10. Do you like boat trips? There are many suggested sightseeing cruises on the Alster lake to choose from. Maybe you’d like to go on a romantic evening cruise, or a trip through Hamburg’s history, a glide past the most beautiful villas in Hamburg or just a one hour shoreline cruise. Visit Alster Touristik for more information.

DSC_0931 (2).JPG

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The traditional or the kinky? Christmas Markets in Hamburg, Germany

Ah, Christmas markets. Lovely decorations everywhere, nostalgic music playing in the background – and a valid excuse to walk around snacking and drinking punch in the middle of the day. If there’s a country that knows how to do Christmas markets properly, it’s Germany. Lucky as I am, I already went to (some of) the ones in Hamburg last weekend and early this week. And believe me – there’s a market for every taste. There’s one for those who love fun fairs, plenty for those who like to keep it more traditional and there’s even a steamy one for the kinky crowd!

Winter Dom is an annual fun fair (there’s actually a Spring Dom and a Summer Dom too) – and the biggest one in Northern Germany. My partner and I, kind of found it by coincidence while on our way to the “Santa Pauli” market – and I’m glad we did. We had just eaten a large meal so riding roller coasters and other fast rides was not very tempting, nor did we want to buy anything to snack on (yet), but the Winter Dom is definitely the place to be for the thrill-seekers who love roller coasters (yes, one of them has multiple loops). You can also go ice skating or visit a haunted house or ride the ferris wheel. All I wanted was to take in all the sights and stroll along, hand in hand with my significant other. I couldn’t stop smiling. The nostalgia, the Christmas magic – I needed this.

Dates: 04.11.16 – 04.12.16

Where: Heiligengeistfeld, St. Pauli (U3 subway to St. Pauli or Feldstrasse


Santa Pauli – we wish you a kinky Christmas? Welcome to the sexiest Christmas market in Germany, located on the Reeperbahn – the city’s red light district. This one’s is for those who want to buy a special gift for their special someone and keep it their special little secret. Or maybe you don’t want to be secretive about it. I’m not gonna judge. Would you like a striptease? Enter Santa Pauli’s strip tent. If you want to avoid all of that but still want to hang out at the market, then don’t worry. There are plenty of regular Christmas shops and places to grab a drink or something to eat there too.

Dates: 17.11.16 – 23.12.16

Where: Spielbudenplatz (U3 subway to St. Pauli)


On almost every corner between St Pauli and Rathaus, there’s a small Christmas market where you can buy yourself a snack or a hot beverage. I went with apple and cinnamon punch and chocolate covered marshmallow cookies (photo below).


Historic Christmas market on Rathausmarkt opened on Monday – and of course we were there to check it out! This market was my favorite one in Hamburg. The perfect place to go shopping for traditional Christmas ornaments and decorations and a great place to spend time with your friends, family or your partner. Have a drink or five, enjoy a nice warm meal or a sweet treat and enjoy the celebration of this wonderful holiday. Thank you Hamburg, thank you for this joyful experience!

Dates: 21.11.16 – 23.12.16

Where: Rathausmarkt (U3 subway to Rathaus)





Winter Beer Day – Celebrating beer in Hamburg, Germany

One of the first things that come to mind when I think of Germany is beer. Without a doubt. Thanks to Oktoberfest, we all have this image of Germans being a festive crowd who will drink you under the table any day. Which they probably would, given the challenge.

But the German beer culture is so much more than that. And I was soon to discover exactly how sophisticated the industry is, and how passionate the craftsmen are about their products. As a blogger who already happened to be in the right part of Germany that weekend, I was invited to the Winter Beer Day – an annual event that takes place in Hamburg, more specifically: Altes Mädchen, Lagerstrasse 28B, 20357 Hamburg.                The event is hosted by Altes Mädchen and Craft Beer Day – and you don’t have to wait until December next year for the next upcoming event, because there’s also a Summer Beer Day!

As I entered the event – ready to celebrate German beers – I was given a beer glass and the opportunity to wander around and speak to any representative from any brewery and taste whatever I wanted to taste and ask whatever questions I wanted to ask about the different beers – and about the breweries they came from.

First one up was a Golden Pale Ale from Berlin based SuperFreunde – definitely a beer for those who enjoy a bitter aftertaste (40 international bitterness units). “What is the mildest or most subtle one you have?” I asked one of the brewers. He laughed and said “None of our beers are really mild. This one’s the mildest”. The beer I tasted was perhaps a bit too masculine for little me, but I’m happy I got to try it as the beer was of high quality and definitely something I’d recommend to people who love Pale Ales!


A Danish microbrewery was the next one that caught my attention. The brewery Fanø Bryghus is located on Fanø island which is part of the Wadden Sea National Parks, a UNESCO heritage site. My inner nomad is itching to embark on a road trip through Denmark, and will without a doubt visit Fanø when that time comes. “Can I try your Christmas beer?” I asked the owner – in Norwegian. He replied in Danish and poured me some Julebryg, which had a hint of coffee and cinnamon flavor and had been brewed for four weeks – with vanilla beans in the barrel! I loved it and asked to try another one. He offered me one called “Beer Geek Slumber Party” which was a Belgian style strong beer (11%). It didn’t taste strong at all, and I’m certain that one pint of that would be enough to get me wasted without even realizing it. “We also have a beer that’s brewed with oysters”, he said. I didn’t try it, as I’m allergic to shellfish. My partner did, and his words were “it’s kind of good, but it’s strange”. Now I’m definitely curious about visiting Fanø to see how this strange oyster beer is made”!


I took a short break from drinking alcohol and had a taste of root beer from local brewers HobbyBrau before moving on to something quite unusual from Pirate Brew Berlin. These guys collaborate with local producers, and with their motto being “brewing it social” you’ll most certainly find elements of unique ingredients in all their different beers. I tried their chili flavored one, made with chili from a local producer. Interesting idea, interesting taste!


Moving on to Ratsherrn – the brewery I initially got in touch with, as I wanted to visit the brewery and write a post about it. And here I was, tasting their beer at an amazing beer tasting event instead. I wanted to try the Pumpkin beer, which is made with the same ingredients used to make pumpkin pie. For someone who loves everything pumpkin, this one was definitely a big thumbs up. Their winter ale called Lumberjack was quite nice as well.


All these impressions had made me somewhat tipsy. No, that’s an understatement. I was starting to feel lightly drunk and I needed a break. And a burger. And sweet potato fries with a whole lot of mayo on the side. The food truck offered all of that – and it was exactly what I needed in order to be able to continue this enjoyable quest of tasting beers without having to deal with any consequences.

Wildwuchs Brauwerk – another brewery from Hamburg, offered me a beer called Alt Kanzler Rauch Bier, which translates to “Old chancellor smoked beer”. This is a humorous way to honor Helmut Schmidt and his chain smoking-habit.

Hopper Brau – also from Hamburg, offered me a beer called “Weizheit” (which was a wheat IPA brewed in a cognac barrel for four weeks) before moving on to the dark side, to “Dunkle Macht” meaning Dark Force. With a name and a label like that, how can you go wrong?


Love for metal and vikings brought me to Wacken Brauerei – whose motto is “Beer of the Gods”. I asked them what their bestseller is and they told me they don’t have a bestseller yet, as they only just started in July. I wish them all the best of luck for the future and I’m glad I got to taste their smoked porter called Surtr and their Nordic strong ale Walküren Schluck.


Obviously the breweries I didn’t get around to taste beer from, deserve an honorable mention too! I’ll check out their beer on a later date – whether it’s at an event like this one, a visit to the brewery or maybe I’ll even find their products in a bar or a beer shop somewhere? Check out Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei , Fräulein Brauer , Welde Braumanufaktur , Stone Brewing , Ugly Duck Brewing Co. , Elav Brewery Italy , Blockbräu , Bierfabrik Berlin , Circle 8 Brewery , Hops & Barley .

Before leaving the Winter Beer Day, I wanted to go to the events’ first workshop (out of five). Claus Winther from Fanø Bryghus (the Danish one) told the story of his brewery, talked about the challenges of running a microbrewery in Denmark and answered questions from the public. And obviously we all got to taste some beer as well!


I left Winter Beer Day feeling educated, satisfied and slightly drunk. I’ve taken notes and added some favorites to my list and will look out for them next time I go beer shopping. And I’ll make sure to schedule in a visit to Summer Beer Day next year. Will you be there too?


(this was a complimentary visit, but all opinions remain my own)