Why Beuvron-en-Auge is one of the most beautiful villages in France

It is one of the most beautiful villages in France (according to Les plus beaux villages de France), this picture perfect village called Beuvron (Beuvron-en-Auge) – and it’s easy to see why!

The village is located in the Calvados department (in Normandy), in the heart of the very popular and touristic Cider Route – and only 12 kilometers away from the beautiful botanical garden in Cambremer and 15 kilometers away from the lovely beach town Cabourg.


The Calvados department is blessed with gorgeous towns and villages, which makes it the perfect destination for those of us who enjoy road tripping through the countryside of la France. Those of us who prefer visiting the country by car, as it gives us the opportunity to make a few stops here and there to pick up some local specialties, take a few photos, have a nice little picnic in the countryside – and just enjoy the beauty of the country that gave us camembert, macarons and Chanel.

Which reminds me, Camembert cheese does actually come from Normandy!

When you think of Normandy, you probably think of more than just the famous cheese, though. You probably think of half-timbered houses, old historical towns, delicious cider and charming countryside. Maybe you’ve made plans to visit the region for a romantic getaway with your significant other?

Well, in that case, you are gonna love Beuvron!

Because, Beuvron is a great example of one of those typical Normandy villages. Fairy tale houses, a quaint village square and lots and lots of beautiful flower displays. Everywhere. Most of the buildings in the village date back to the 17th century – and some even date all the way back to the 15th century!

cafe beuvron

Beuvron is for cider lovers

While in Beuvron, I made sure to purchase a few bottles of cider to take home as a souvenir, from Cidre Calvados Desvoye – a producer of cider, calvados (apple brandy) and pommeau (apple brandy mixed with apple juice). French cider is generally low in alcohol, and is best enjoyed accompanied by sweet crêpes or savory galettes. Mmm, crêpes…

Every year in October, there’s the Fête du Cidre – a Cider Festival in Beuvron!

The festival offers you the opportunity to watch the great apple-pressing take place on the village square, and you’ll also get to taste a wide variety of different ciders from local producers. I don’t know about you, but I sure wouldn’t turn down a proper cider tasting!


…And those who love flowers

The village has been awarded three flowers in the village fleuri contest – a contest organized annually in France, which aims to encourage communes to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants and enhance their attractiveness to visitors/tourists by maintaining their green spaces and enhancing their natural environments.

Beuvron-en-Auge is a small village, but it’s filled with beautiful flowers of different sizes and colors – which again adds to the charm and the postcard perfect look that the village is known (and appreciated) for.

If you happen to plan your visit to the village around spring, you should most definitely check out the Fête des Gèraniums flower festival in Beuvron. It’s an annual event which takes place the first week of May –  to celebrate spring!

flowers normandy

Things you should taste when in Beuvron-en-Auge

  • Obviously, the famous Normandy cider. The classic apple cider, of course!
  • You might wanna try the pear cider, too. It’s delicious.
  • Calvados. It’s strong, very strong. But definitely worth trying!
  • Pommeau. Which is not as strong as Calvados – but with a similar taste.
  • Tarte Normande. Normandy style apple tart.
  • Chausson aux pommes. Light puff pastry filled with chunky apple compote.
  • Crêpes filled with apple slices and cream (I tried this deliciousness from the Boulangerie Durant)

If the weather is nice, there’s a lovely area with picnic tables – not far from the parking. Bring your pastries and dig into the yummy sweet treats while enjoying the beautiful view!

Where to eat in Beuvron

  • For tasty galettes and crêpes, check out the crêperie La Colomb’Auge. Try a galette with cheese from Normandy on it (Camembert, Neufchâtel, Livarot or Pont-L’Evêque) and an apple-filled crêpe. Yum!
  • Celebrating a special occasion or planning to propose to your loved one? There’s a Michelin-starred restaurant in Beuvron. Le Pavé d’Auge welcomes you to a romantic venue (with a traditional fireplace) and offers you a discovery for your eyes and your taste buds.

half timbered

Where to sleep in Beuvron

Personally, I consider Beuvron-en-Auge as more of a day trip kind of destination, and I’m scared I’d be bored spending more than a demi-journée exploring the village. But maybe that’s just me.

But for those of you traveling to Beuvron to visit one of the festivals, or those of you who plan to arrive late in the evening and want to make the most of your stay the following day, I can totally see how you’d rather be spending a night (or two) at a Bed&Breakfast, rather than getting back in the car after a couple of hours spent in the village.

Let’s not forget those of you who prefer quiet villages over vibrant cities, anyway.

And all you creative creatures out there, I’m sure you wanna get up before sunrise, to do photography without a bunch of tourists blocking your shot.

And let’s not forget those of you who plan to visit Beuvron for a romantic getaway with your partner.

And those of you who plan to do a whole lot of Calvados-tasting and worry you won’t be fit to drive anywhere afterwards.

Whatever your reason is, here’s a list of some charming Bed&Breakfasts in Beuvron – with great reviews, of course!

  • Only a few steps away from the Michelin-starred restaurant there’s a charming Bed&Breakfast with fully equipped rooms (Le Pavé d’Hôtes). You can have your breakfast served in the breakfast room, in your room – or in the beautiful garden.
  • Another traditional Normandy house. For those looking for that romantic atmosphere; check out the cozy Bed&Breakfast Le Pressoir!
  • Located right in the heart of the village, the lovely Bed&Breakfast Aux Trois Damoiselles is for those who love country chic interior (the rooms).



Below is a couple of video clips I put together from my trip to Beuvron-en-Auge.