Planned Trips: October


It feels like September just started, and now – now it’s almost over. Summer is already over, it’s getting colder outside, leaves are changing colors and my family have already started asking me a bunch of questions about what I want for Christmas. Slow down, you guys!

September has been absolutely magnificent. Thanks to the Dordogne region in South-West France I’ve taken some of the most beautiful photos I have to date, and I’ve explored a bunch of caves and bought myself some gemstone pendants to carry with me as a reminder of this wonderful trip. Yesterday I returned to France after a fantastic week spent exploring ancient ruins in Athens, Greece. I have most likely gained weight as I wanted to try as many local specialties as possible and didn’t pay attention to the size of the portions. Generous, very generous.

So now what? Do I have anything planned for October?

Nothing is certain yet, but you never know. What I do know is that I’ll be busy writing for other websites and companies, updating this blog and planning future content. Links to website/company collaborations will be posted here  and everything else will be posted on the main page, Twitter or on Instagram.

New on :

Hotel reviews, reviews of tourist attractions and excursions (coming soon) and posts written by guest bloggers!

I may also dedicate a few posts to products, books, applications, services, misc. items – as long as it’s somewhat related to traveling.





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