Planned Trips: July


After one week of train-travel within Sweden and Norway, I have finally – this evening – made it to my hometown for 2 days of leisure and family fun before a long, important meeting awaits on Monday and I’m headed back to France on Tuesday. I LOVE trains, I love visiting small towns and random, underrated cities, and I love preparing my backpack for new, exciting adventures.

So what am I doing once I get back to France?

Well, the 14th of July is their “fête nationale” and I’ll be celebrating it the day before at a garden party with my boyfriend, my in-laws and their friends (in a village outside of Paris). On the 14th of July, me and my sweetheart will be heading out to Saint Malo, Bretagne and we are looking forward to seeing the spectacular Mont St. Michel! We will also spend a night in Rennes, Bretagne and explore the gorgeous city centre.

On the 18th of July I’m going to Causeni, Moldova. “Wait, what? Moldova? WHY?” You may ask. Well, why not? My primary reason is to volunteer on a project with GoAbroad where I will be teaching English and helping out at a community center for a week. I will be staying with a host family while I’m there. I can’t wait to learn more about the country, the culture and meet the locals!

After the 25th I’ll be in Paris. Working, writing, photographing, dining, and who knows what else?

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Photo from Karlstad, Sweden




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