Planned Trips: August


July has sure been a busy month. I enjoyed my trip to Sweden, and railing along the southern coast of Norway with my mother. And the road trip to the north-west of France with my boyfriend was lovely as well. My highlight, however, was visiting Moldova. Because it was something completely different, something meaningful (volunteering) and I learned a lot during this short amount of time. About Moldovan culture and the friendly locals – and how fun it is to work on cultural events/projects!

So now what? Do I have anything planned for August?

Well, from the 3rd to the 7th a friend from Norway is coming to visit me here in Paris. During her stay in Paris, I’ll be her tour guide, host and translator. She’s vegan, which also gives me the opportunity to visit vegan restaurants and bakeries in Paris (and I’ll definitely blog about it!). Stay tuned for a “Paris for vegans” post!

On the 10th of August I’m going to Barcelona, Spain with organisation Pink Pangea for a travel writers workshop. Becoming a published travel writer is my biggest dream, and this is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn the best techniques, develop my skills and mingle with other travel writers (networking is everything!). I will also bring my camera and take some fabulous photos while I’m there. I’ve never been to Barcelona, and I’ve never attended a writers workshop. I’m so excited!

As far as I know, I don’t have anything planned after the 14th of August. Not yet, anyway.


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