Bretagne, North-West France (July 2016)

Roadtrip, Fireworks & French dining without all the fuss 

17.07.16 – Just got home after a weekend with bad WiFi and many hours on the road 

where: Saint-Malo, Mont Saint Michel, Dinan and Rennes (Bretagne, North-West region of France)

Let’s start from the beginning. I would have updated the blog sooner, if it wasn’t for the questionable 4G-signal and WiFi connection in Saint-Malo. Also, we spent a lot of time in the car, going from one place to another, my boyfriend and I. Current mood? Happy, but exhausted from the heat inside of the car. Note to self; wear natural fabrics that breathe, while traveling by car on the hot summer days. Amd avoid wearing all black.

July 14th is the French National Day (Bastille Day). We wanted to go away for a long weekend somewhere not too far away, but far enough to call it a vacation. Somewhere where we could watch the fireworks, and spend the following days exploring other destinations and visit some touristic sites. So we went to Saint-Malo.

Saint-Malo is a coastal city with gorgeous sandy beaches, and is apparently known for unpredictable weather and lots of wind. When we were there it was sunny, warm and absolutely no wind at all. We visited a very good crêperie, in a city full of crêperies on every single corner;  crêperie Margaux  . Lucky as we were, we got the last table – and a line had already started forming outside! After finishing our galettes, crêpes and shared bottle of cider, we went to the hotel to relax, change clothes and go to see the fireworks by the beach.

We only got around 5 hours of sleep before it was time to get up and get ready to go to Mont Saint-Michel (Normandie), one of France’s more spectacular sites, with its medieval monastery on top of a small, inhabited island. Mont Saint-Michel and its bay are on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. My boyfriend told me to bring a jacket and wear warm clothes as it could get quite windy up there, but no, we were still blessed with sunshine.

After visiting the monastery, we had lunch in one of the touristic restaurants on the island. Another galette, more cider. There wasn’t much more to do on Mont Saint-Michel, so we drove to a town called Dinan – a 45 minute drive away. A lovely town with plenty of small streets with interesting art galleries, shops with handmade jewelry, biscuit-shops, tea houses and restaurants. On almost every block, there were street musicians beautifully playing harp. We went on a sightseeing boat trip in the late afternoon and enjoyed the gorgeous view in a relaxed atmosphere, before having dinner at classic gastronomic restaurant 3 Lunes . The dishes were creative, fun and tasted divine.

Yesterday we left our hotel in Saint-Malo, to spend a night in Rennes – a young and vibrant city, quite different from the other places we’d been this weekend. On pretty much every corner of the city, there’s a bar. There are bars for every taste. Beer bars, rock bars, Irish pubs, nightclubs, cocktail bars, you name it. However, there’s more to Rennes than just a dynamic nightlife. There’s also the beautiful Parc du Thabor. This is a 18th century park with plenty of beautiful flowers and areas to hang out and relax. We found a great place to have lunch in Rennes too. The restaurant Les Brocanteurs offered French cuisine “sans chichi”, which apparently means “without all the fuss”. Straight forward, basic meals. And it was delicious!

Around noon we left Rennes, and well, here we are. And here are some photos too.


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Mont Saint-Michel

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