My mother always told me I was adventurous and impatient already before I was born. Gemini by default, I made my great escape on a Saturday night in mid-may, when I was in fact supposed to enter this world at some point in early July.

Everything happens for a reason, and every place you go and every person you meet will affect you in one way or another. I have lived in Norway, UK, US and France. I have traveled, I have photographed, I have blogged – and I have a dream of getting my articles or photos published in respected magazines like Travel & Leisure, Lonely Planet, National Geographic and the ones back home; Reiselyst and Vagabond.

Do I collaborate with other blogs, websites, companies and travel agencies? Yes, of course I do! I love giving and receiving feedback, as I believe everybody deserves recognition for the effort they put into their work. My father once told me to follow my passion – no matter what. He always supported my creative side and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. After he passed away in 2014 I did exactly that, and I wouldn’t let anything or anyone get in the way.

Now I write and travel as often as I can, and I want you to join me on my journey to wherever destiny takes me.

I explore this world. I love this world. I travel the world. 

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