Champagne Bubbles: Christmas market in Reims, France

Starting the afternoon with a champagne tasting in the region of Champagne, followed by a trip to the local Christmas market in Reims – now, that’s quite something!

According to multiple articles online and offline in local newspapers, the Christmas market in Reims ranked better than all the markets in the French capital. Reims, a city known as one of the centres of champagne production, is already quite touristic and already knows how to attract guests….besides the golden bubbles!

With the Christmas market centered around the beautiful Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – you’re already off to a good start. Stay until darkness falls, and watch the magical sound and light show that illuminates the Cathedral. Make sure you find a good spot to watch it from, as the market gets very crowded in the evenings!

Are you visiting with small children? Do they like ponies? Who am I kidding…who doesn’t like ponies, right? At the Christmas market in Reims the little ones can go for a pony ride. I wanted to take a selfie with one of the ponies, but they were all surrounded by kids who wanted to pet them, so I decided to be an adult and walk away.

Speaking of entertainment for the little ones: they can meet Santa Claus here!

With over 120 chalets displaying local produce, ornaments, souvenirs and ideas for Christmas gifts (I fell in love with a backpack that I didn’t buy) it is certain you’ll find something to take home with you. And if you’re hungry for a sweet treat, there’s plenty of cookies, nougat, candy, churros, Belgian waffles and crêpes for you to dig in. However, if you want something savory, your options are limited to tartiflette, raclette and panini sandwiches. But don’t worry, there are quite a few restaurants conveniently located right next to the market, which gives you the option to leave and come back, just as you want.

And in terms of champagne tasting; you can do that at the Christmas market and around the corner from it too – whichever you prefer!

more information: Reims Tourism

when: until December 24th

where: Reims city centre (TGV train to Reims Centre)



49 comments on “Champagne Bubbles: Christmas market in Reims, France

  1. Oh my gosh! That looks wonderful! Definitely reminds me of my country Philippines this time of year. All the glimmering lights, magical sound of the cathedral and the market! My favorite holiday!

  2. That looks like an awesome Christmas market! And the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims looks so impressive. I’m in Split, Croatia, at the moment and while there is a Christmas market here, it is rather small and being surrounded by palm trees doesn’t feel too Christmas-y to me haha

  3. I’ve never been to a christmas market in France. I always go to Germany though. But this looks so cozy and pretty. The cathedral is huge and the details are gorgeous. X –

  4. This definitely looks like a gorgeous Chistmas market. And the fact that Notre Dame cathedral is right next to it, makes it even more gorgeous. I wish I could attend one Christmas market soon.

  5. Oh my goodness… I really I wish I were in Europe for Christmas!! All these awesome Christmas markets- I think this is one of the better ones I’ve seen in recent blogs. ALL THAT CHEESE AND PASTRIES? Sign me up.

  6. One more Croatian here – I’m under the impression of Zagreb being voted the best winter destination again 🙂 Reims markets looks beautiful as well, I would love to try some of those appealing cookies.

  7. Reims is still high on the French wishlist but never thought to visit for a Christmas Market. The Cathedral looks like a marvellous backdrop for this lovely market!

  8. This looks amazing! I am in Berlin now and here is simmilar Christmas market. I love France and Reims looks like amazing city, since now I visited Paris,Nice,Acignon and I had a wonderful time there. I can’t wait to visit again France and of course to pay a vis this beautiful city.

  9. I have quite mixed feelings about Christmas markets, especially in Germany there are many crappy ones (really crappy) but also some good and very good ones of course. This one here looks indeed more like last category, very cultivated and with good quality food. Was fun to read and ice pics too! Thank you for sharing, Birdie & Hendrik

    • In Germany there’s a lot of good ones 🙂 in France most of them offer quality products but some markets are very very small. This one was a good size 🙂

  10. Adults can take photos with ponies 🙂 France is a gorgeous country, but I’ve never been to Reims.
    Loved your photos!

  11. There are so many beautiful pictures here, you took them all yourself?
    I sure wish I had the freedom to travel and experience these markets for myself 🙂

  12. What a wonderful place to explore and enjoy champagne. You had me hooked at champagne. These Christmas markets look like a whole lot of fun. We don’t really get these in Australia. 🙁

  13. That cathedral is gorgeous and I can definitely see why the market would rank so high. Any place with that much cheese and baked goods PLUS holiday decor is right up my alley. I wouldn’t have expected it to rank higher than some other larger cities, but hey, locals know what’s up!

    • Yeah, for sure 🙂 I think it ranked somewhere like 5th or 6th in most articles, whereas the Parisian markets would either not be on the list at all, or be somewhere like 8th or 9th. I did enjoy the markets in Paris too, though 🙂

  14. That cathedral is one of my favourites. I’ve never seen it at Christmas. You photos of it show off it’s majesty.

  15. gobeyondbounds

    The lights of Christmas market always fascinate us. Reims looks so beautiful with the lights and the vibrancy. My kiddo would love to pet the pony and met Santa. And I would love to satiate my shopping spree soaked up in the magic.

  16. Christmas markets are the best! I wish I could visit one soon. This looks amazing and I want a block of those cheeses, haha.

  17. I love that this Christmas Market is situated Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims. Definitely a good start. Where I live there’s a well-known Christmas market as well. That one is known because it’s in marl caves. Over 120 chalets sounds very good! Enough to see and to do!

  18. I’m seeing more and more Christmas Market posts popping up in my feed at the moment but this one does appear more festive than most. Certainly, in Europe, we are kind of spoilt for choice on this front, perhaps France more than any other. And really, I could always go for a little champagne more than the more traditional mulled wine!

  19. I love Christmas time and I really like reading posts about xmas and markets around the world!! I didn’t know that this city is the capital of Champagne, good for next time I will go to my sister, she’s been living in France for many years. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing it

  20. What a festive market! This sounds like so much fun. Think I’ll need to add it to my list of Markets to see!

  21. The Christmas market in Reims looks so beautiful and added more coziness in the cold weather! We have Christmas market here in Toronto but it is beautiful but it is not the same. Wish I get to visit the Christmas market in Riems sometime and try the champagne,

  22. I was in Paris in Novemeber1st week and I saw everyone getting ready for a Christmas market near Champ Elysees. This looks so amazing!!! I love Christmas markets.

  23. What an enchanting setting right in front of the Notre-Dame Cathedral! I would certainly gain a few pounds with all the treats and champagne!

  24. I have been to France once but not near Christmas. Will try to visit it during Christmas the next time. Thanks for sharing beautiful pics.

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