Wonderful Wonderland: Christmas markets in London

Eleven AM, with a heavy backpack killing my back, wearing a way too warm winter coat making me feel sweaty and disgusting. I had made my way from the Eurostar terminal at St. Pancras railway station to the Hyde Park corner metro station in the heart of London – a city I had visited multiple times before. My main purpose for this trip was to visit a friend who had moved here. But it wasn’t my sole purpose. I was also in London to visit the Winter Wonderland Christmas market and the little market on Leicester Square, to share yet another exciting post with you guys to get you all into the Christmas spirit – just in case my posts on the Parisian markets or the ones in Hamburg weren’t enough to get you to start rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

Before entering the Winter Wonderland, be prepared to have your bags searched by security guards. My over-sized backpack made the guard chuckle. “You’re planning to move in here?” he asked jokingly. I’m sure a lot of people would have loved to move in to the Winter Wonderland. I’ve already worked and lived on Disney property in Orlando, which is kind of the same thing – but less cold and less foggy.

I bought a cup of hot cider – which is way better than it sounds (in case you haven’t already tried it) and went to explore the market. Just like the Winter Dom in Hamburg, Germany, the Winter Wonderland is a combination of a traditional Christmas market and a large fun fair. The Wonderland also presents exciting entertainment such as different circus shows, The Nutcracker on Ice, puppet shows for the little ones and live music for the festive crowd.

You’re welcome to go ice skating on the Wonderland’s ice rink, or perhaps you’d rather grab a drink in the Bar Ice instead? As I am pretty much Bambi on ice, I’ll skip the ice rink and head over to Bar Ice and drink a cocktail from an ice cup instead. Cheers!

General Information

what: Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

where: Hyde Park (metro: Hyde Park corner or Marble Arch)

when: Until January 2nd, 2017




It was still early afternoon and none of the shows were on yet and my backpack (yes, it’s just a lame excuse to cover up my fear of heights and high speed) prevented me from riding any attractions, so I decided to move on to a different part of the city to visit a smaller and more traditional kind of Christmas market.

Leicester Square. The square is transformed into a Holiday heaven – where Santa himself is waiting for the little ones to come and tell him their dearest wish. If meeting Santa doesn’t interest you because, well, you’re an adult, then why not book tickets to the theatrical show La Soirée? If acrobatics, burlesque and pyrotechnics is your thing (and you’re over 18), you’ll have a great time!

If not, strolling along this lovely little market with a hot beverage in your hand while doing a bit of Christmas shopping, is not a bad idea either.

General Information

what: Christmas in Leicester Square

where: Leicester Square (metro to Leicester Square or Piccadilly Circus)

when: 11.11.16 – 08.01.16




27 thoughts on “Wonderful Wonderland: Christmas markets in London

  1. Argh! I was just in London a few days ago! I wish I would have seen your guide for the christmas markets before. I am a real addict when it comes to christmas and the markets. But oh well! Next year then 🙂

  2. I collect tea pots and I adore the hanging tea pot planters!! I also love hot apple cider so I know I’d be sipping on that while shopping. I’d love to take the kids on a Christmas time trip…one day when Santa isn’t on our radar we’ll be able to make use of the school holidays at that time!

  3. This sounds awesome!! I’d love to visit London during the holidays sometime. Have you been to Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen around Christmas? It looks similar to that. If you’ve been to Tivoli before, how would you say WInter Wonderland compares to that?

  4. The Winter Wonderland looks great – and it looks like you had the place to yourself! I love Xmas markets, but I wasn’t aware of this one in London. If you have time whilst you’re in the UK, head up to the one in Manchester – it’s one of the best in Europe!

  5. Simply amazing, how many gift and candy were in the market?!? OMG just looking forward to get there one day, I love to be in the Christmas mood and just feel it in a place like this! I love look the snow during the Christmas, everything is red, people is happy (not at all)! thanks for sharing, nice pics

  6. So gorgeous photos you captured! All the efforts by the stall-owners can be seen! Xmas markets in Europe are definitely made even more awesome by the cold weather, which I don’t get in my country in Singapore, hehe.

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